Branding and Visibility Campaigns

More than likely, you’ve heard of the Kardashians. They are crazy famous and they are EVERYWHERE. Their “brand” is known across the world.

Kardashian Style Branding and Visibility Campaigns

To get that kind of famous takes time, talent (at least to a degree), and massive connections. Thankfully, local businesses do not need to be as famous as the Kardashians – but they do need visibility.

Can Your Customers, Clients, or Patients Find You?

How customers find you online

When your customers, clients, or patients search for you or your business – can they find you online? When they search your BRAND name, do your digital assets show up? Or does another business show?

The goal online is relatively simple – show up in front of your customers, clients, or patients as often as possible! Every time they search for the goods or services you offer, you want them to see you!

Be Seen Everywhere

The old “marketing rule of 7” states that your audience needs exposure to your brand an average of 7 times before they can make a purchase.

visibility campaigns how local businesses show up everywhere

While this marketing rule developed from non-digital marketing methods, a similar rule applies. Essentially, your audience needs more than one exposure to you before they make a purchase.

When you show up on multiple sites, in multiple searches online, and in Google Maps or Bing Maps – you’re increasing the number of times you expose your brand name to someone.

How To Attract More Leads in 90 Days

The Digital Marketing Twin team has the primary goal of increasing your bottom line. To do that, you need to increase the customers, clients, or patients for the exact products and services you want to sell.

Attract more leads customers clients patients in 90 days

To increase your leads, there are 3 shifts you need to make in your business. Once you make those shifts, you will solve a variety of the most common problems that face business leaders.

We’ve put together this workshop for you to find out more about those shifts and how you can implement the necessary shifts to attract more leads in 90 days. You can access that video here.

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